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Phase 3 clinical data—
Efficacy at TOC

Clinical efficacy in cIAI demonstrated in a Phase 3 trial vs meropenem1

  • AVYCAZ plus metronidazole was noninferior to meropenem with regard to the clinical cure rate at the TOC visit in the mMITT population1
A chart of clinical cure rates at TOC (mMITT and ME), including cases with ESBLs and AmpC

The microbiologically evaluable (ME) population included all protocol-adherent mMITT patients.1

TOC, test of cure.

mMITT, microbiologically modified intent-to-treat.

CI, confidence interval.

Clinical efficacy in a subset of patients with cIAI involving ESBLs and AmpC1

  • In a subset of Gram-negative pathogens from the Phase 3 cIAI trial in the mMITT population, genotypic testing identified certain ESBL groups and AmpC that were expected to be inhibited by avibactam in 12.8% (105/823) of cases1:
Clinical cure rates in subset for Avycaz plus metronidazole were similar to the overall results

ESBLs, extended-spectrum β-lactamases.