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PK/PD target attainment
results... the recommended dosing regimen of AVYCAZ1*

  • The following results demonstrate that the recommended AVYCAZ dosing regimen provides adequate coverage for both Enterobacteriaceae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa at MICs ≤8 mg/L1
  • PK/PD target attainment data* do not correlate with clinical efficacy and safety
Line graph demonstrating PK/PD target data for Enterobacteriaceae and P.Aeruginosa

PK/PD target definition: 50% T>MIC (time above MIC) for ceftazidime and 50% T>CT (time above therapeutic concentration) of 1 mg/L for avibactam.1

  • Simulated cIAI patients were used in this model, which represented a more conservative estimate of PK/PD target attainment probability than that demonstrated in simulated cUTI patients.

PK, pharmacokinetic. PD, pharmacodynamic. MIC, minimum inhibitory concentration.